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Well being and performance

Indoor air quality is related to a number of aspects. Human beings feel most comfortable at humidity between 40 and 60% rH and a temperature between 20 and 22°C. Optimum controlled humidity is a condition for healthy and highly performing people. It minimizes the risk of infection, bacteria growth, mould and other micro organisms.

Under the aspect of energy consumption, hygiene and operation costs, high-pressure water atomization has taken a leading position in the market place. With the development of the Nessie® system, Danfoss has set another benchmark in the HVAC industry, and customer benefits are clearly in focus.

Facts about High-Pressure Technology:

  • Approved technology for more than 20 years in humidification systems.
  • The principle works adiabatically, by means the absorption heat is provided by a heating coil (similar to traditional air-washers).
  • Primary energy consumption is minimal (ca. 4 W per litre of water)
  • The principle is hygienically safe and does not require use of chemicals at all.
  • Due to the fact that no water remains in the duct over longer periods of time, the risk of bacteria growth is minimized
  • The system is suitable for operation with DI and RO-water as well as soft potable water
  • All system components require very little maintenance; therefore service costs are very low.
  • The total lifecycle costs are considerably lower compared to any other humidification principle in the market.